An Amazing Journey!

I have lived in the Pilbara for the past 15 yrs and I see it as one of the most amazing and interesting places I have ever been. I am still in awe of the colours, textures and the vastness of my home.

I am one of the PHotography students who got to spend time with and learn from the ‘Pros’ – Christian, Tony, Peter, Les & Michael along with fellow students Judith, Simon & Nicole. Last week was spent seeing my stomping ground through their eyes and I have to say it was amazing! It was also at times comical to see who each person was watching and which way each camera was pointing. Thanks to Carolyn & Peter for their fantastic organisational skills, along with some fantastic conversations.

I am so thrilled to have been selected (thanks Christian) to participate in the Pilbara Project. (I have bruises from pinching myself) The concept of this project is brilliant and I am grateful to be a part of it. I have taken part in the PHotography 08 & 09 courses and have gained so much from the experience. I have always loved taking photos but now I love photography.

My photography journey has truly only just begun and I am so very pumped to continue on my way, and through this blog, share my journey with others.

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8 Responses to “An Amazing Journey!”
  1. Judith Judith says:

    a truly great experience to be treasured, even more because you were there to give us the history of the place.

  2. Simon Phelps Simon Phelps says:

    Great shots Faye! Well done!

  3. Christian Fletcher Christian Fletcher says:

    Thanks Faye, you were great company and I really like your shots, good on you for getting a post up. Keep it going this is how these blogs become legendary.

  4. Mike Fletcher Mike Fletcher says:

    Ahhh Faye.

    Thanks for giving me the 5D back. Could of used it on Thursday night but as you know someone left it at home:) You where a great sport and I enjoyed our time together. Still could of used that camera on Thursday night though HaHa!!!!!!!!

    It’s going to take some time to live that one down. Great shots by the way.


  5. Faye Harris Faye Harris says:

    How greedy are you Michael? How many beautiful Canon 5D cameras does a guy need? One I say, and any over and above that they should sell real cheap to an enthusiastic amateur photographer :)

  6. Nicole Nicole says:

    Faye, you have some aweseom photos here! Nice work :)
    We will have to catch up some time soon and talk photography.
    See you soon.

  7. Faye Harris Faye Harris says:

    Thanks Nicole :) that sounds great. We were thowing some ideas around at the Meet the Photographer night about meeting up for shoots and to help each other. Tony suggested getting together to critique each other’s photos (bring along 4 or so each) which I definately would be up for. I think it helps to get feedback from others and we would learn a lot. When Simon gets back we will have to work out a time that would suit all of us. What do you think?

  8. Julie & Steve Sewell Julie & Steve Sewell says:

    Well done Faye. having been gone from the Pilbara for 11 years, your photo’s catch all colours of that great land & remind us of what we are missing. Well done girl.

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