Ground Zero

Here is the scene of what could have been the greatest loss to photography in two decades. Imagine if I dropped the Nikon D3x whilst dying from inhalation of cyanide. What a waste of a great camera! Tony Hewitt might have got the award winning photo, if only I had dropped dead!! Sorry Tone, I’ll make sure the dust is radioactive next time!

This stuff interests me and in the Pilbara there are lots of scenes like this. Industry is amazing to photograph, it is beautiful but deadly!! haha

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3 Responses to “Ground Zero”
  1. Carolyn Karnovsky Carolyn Karnovsky says:

    What a loss it would have been… I love the desaturation of colours in this image. Bleak but somehow still beautiful. This shot was worth the panic attack that later insued….!

  2. Christian Fletcher Christian Fletcher says:

    who was panicking??? :-0)

  3. Mike Fletcher Mike Fletcher says:

    Hey Carolyn. Just for fun why dont you send Christian to Maralinga. Now that would be funny to see. I’m Dying!!!!! I’m Dying!!!!!!

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