Real Work

So glad I am a photographer. This isn’t a landscape photograph, well it sort of is, it’s an industrial landscape.

One wonders why the people working in the mining industry get paid well, take a look at what there doing in 40+ degree temperatures, I would expect the same. Photography in 40+ heat doesn’t count as it is fun!!!

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4 Responses to “Real Work”
  1. Nicole Nicole says:

    Wow!! Absolutely love this! Great scene.
    Nicely finished….so gritty. I see something different each time I look at it.

  2. Thanks Nic, glad you like it. I wanted to do a tilt shift effect on it but couldn’t get a realistic look. Wanted to make it look like a model.

  3. Faye Harris Faye Harris says:

    Christian this is an amazing piece! The effect is just wonderful, you are so talented. I love it :)

  4. Christian Christian says:

    Faye, your just saying that because it’s true!! ;-0)

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