A Different View

On the first day of out Pilbara project we got a half hour jolly in a Heli over town, BHP, the Port and Dampier Salt. Was a fun experience and a first for Les as he hadn’t been in a chopper before. Hope he got some shots as he had one hand firmly on side of the heli for most of the trip. That Hassleblad of his is a bit weighty, one handed for 30 mins could be interesting. I held on with my butt cheeks and was sort of comfortable.

This was a pic over the tanks, don’t know who’s they are, but found the scene interesting. Stylized in Photoshop and using Nik Colour efex pro. Great software.

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4 Responses to “A Different View”
  1. Tony Hewitt Tony Hewitt says:

    Love the shot Christian, . . . well seen, wish I’d taken it myself, and great choice of
    image style. I agree with you on the Nik software and often use it myself.

  2. brendan moelands brendan moelands says:

    what does the nik software give you that photoshop doesnt, is there anything in particular ???

  3. It gives you lots of preset effects that are then added to your photo as a layer in photoshop, which can then be further edited to create effects. It comes as a suit so you can reduce noise, sharpen, convert to B&W and add all sorts of colour effects. Also gives you lots of control over the tone colour and contrast of an image. Give Ben @ team digital a call, he sells it and can help you out more with it. I find I am using it all the time now.

  4. Brett Morgan Brett Morgan says:

    I am sure these tanks belong to BP but I could be wrong but does look like the road that leads to the Port Authority.
    Great shot indeed and the colours are awesome I also have heard such great things about the Nik Software and as soon as I can afford it I am getting it for sure.

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