Tour of the Port

Day 1 of the photography trip with Christian and Michael Fletcher, Peter Eastway, Tony Hewitt and Les Walkling kicked off late in the arvo and involved a sunset boat cruise around Port Hedland harbour.  In the fading light, shooting conditions became pretty tough as the ISO’s were bumped right up and shutter speeds became slower, making sharp images hard to capture.

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7 Responses to “Tour of the Port”
  1. Christian Christian says:

    nice series Simon.

  2. Simon Phelps Simon Phelps says:

    Cheers Christian. Hoping to do a warbird shoot back in SA in April…hopefully some while in formation aka Phil Makanna! Will let ya know how it goes ;-)

  3. Great shots Simon. This was the part of the trip when I wish I had better gear on me than my little Pen. I has to do most of my shots out of focus to compensate for the high ISO (and slow camera). A bit of a gimick, but sometimes works.

  4. Simon Phelps Simon Phelps says:

    Thanks Pete. I never really thought about deliberately going blurry for a landscape shot, although it definately can work when doing portraits. Maybe you need to get FORM to ‘donate’ one to ya for your next trip up here! ;-) Are you coming up with Carolyn and Bill Shaylor at the end of April?

  5. Mike Fletcher Mike Fletcher says:

    You think you stills guys have a problem with High ISO. Try using video mode one day:) More good stuff mate. Warbird shoot sounds great. Ping off some video too while you are there.

  6. Simon Phelps Simon Phelps says:

    Cheers Mike! Been meaning to give you a call, you gonna be around the next few days or off on some exotic cruise somewhere?

  7. Yeah, we could learn a lot from Christian, getting sponsored by the camera companies sounds like a good idea. Both Fletcher brothers seem to know how to work it – Mike having a “job” going on cruises.

    I actually just ordered a new pancake lens, making my “kit” even smaller. My camera will now fit in my pocket – who needs a zoom anyway…

    I am not sure what my itinerary is in regards to going back up, but will keep you updated.

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