Spirit of the Pilbara, Red Dog alive in you,

A working dog, a paid up member of the MTU.

You made yourself a home at Dampier’s Hamersley Iron,

There you scrounged your meals, without really trying.

Travelling on the workers’ bus, no one would bar your way,

You sat behind the driver’s seat, you didn’t have to pay.

Your flatulence caused a problem, one day you cleared the bus,

But you couldn’t see why the workers made such a fuss.

Your position was secure, among the working men,

They even called a strike so you could ride with them.

They rescued you from the pound, took you to the vet,

The whole community adopted you as their special pet.

John, the bus driver, you selected as your mate,

No one could possibly have guessed what would be his fate.

You didn’t see the accident, so what could they possibly say?

You just kept looking for him day, after day, after day.

Faithful to your mate, faithful to the end,

You wandered all over looking for your friend.

Padding along the highways, looking for a ride,

Everyone knew you wouldn’t stay by their side.

A wonderful example, a real mate, to the end,

Never once did you give up looking for your friend.

The whole town looked on as you got on with life,

Everyone gave a hand if you got into strife.

You were on a mission, investigating near and far,

It didn’t matter to you who drove the car.

Up and down the highway in trucks, cars and the bus

You made them stop for you by causing such a fuss.

Head out of the window, ears flapping in the breeze,

Fiercely independent, with only yourself to please.

Your story started a legend, about two Pilbara mates,

Of hardships suffered and conquered, all dished out by fate.

The message of your adventures, it will never be lost,

‘Stick by your mates forever, no matter what the cost.’

No matter what the hardship, no matter what you have to do,

Stick to your guns and always follow through.

Your statue now stands in Dampier, there for all to see,

A permanent part of the Pilbara, part of its history.

Spirit of the Pilbara, Red Dog alive in you,

You gave a special meaning to the phrase, ‘True Blue.’

by Elaine Argaet

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4 Responses to “RED DOG”
  1. Chris Chris Fox says:

    That is a really nice piece, reminds me of my mates who are sitting by my feet waiting for a walk

  2. Maureen Allert Maureen Allert says:

    Have read the book and been told that there is to be a movie made about Red Dog. Lovely piece of poetry.
    Are you still in Tom Price and taking lots of pics?

  3. Just saw the preview, laughed and cried. LOVED IT! Got me thinking we can be together in a community and together at a work place, but Red Dog reminds us that we are only really connected by our stories. And this was one powerful story.
    Loved the soundtrack!!!
    Hope to get a blog done shortly about the movie – don’t miss it. Glad Hollywood didn’t get to buy it for $40m and then set it in Texas, it belongs on our red soil

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