The anticipation builds…

The pre-selection committee have just completed their first walk through all the pieces submitted for the 2011 Hedland Art Awards! Currently, they are performing a second walk-through viewing each artwork with expert eyes to determine which pieces will be displayed for this very special exhibition. This committee is using the utmost care and consideration in compiling this exhibition. Later, the chosen pieces will be judged by a separate group of experts whose brag sheets can be viewed here.

Starting tomorrow, the 2011 Hedland Art Awards exhibition will begin to go up on the walls. Well, it’s not that easy. Sean Byford, our talented art installer, will use the entire ten days leading up to the exhibition opening to create perfection on our walls.

Sean’s talents consist of creating a smooth and cohesive layout for art displays in various spaces and that’s exactly what this exhibition is going to call for. With mediums ranging from charcoal sketches, linograph prints, metal sculptures, and acrylic canvases to name a few, this exhibition is definitely going to be a very interesting and dynamic one to view!

The 2011 Hedland Art Awards opens Friday, August 26th from 6pm. If you haven’t already done so, RSVP for the exhibition opening by emailing the Courthouse Gallery at or call us at 9173 1064.

See ya at the opening of the 2011 Hedland Art Awards!

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