Christian and Michael also win an AIPP Fusion Award

The Rail Yard – Winning AIPP Fusion Entry – APPA’s 2011 from Michael Fletcher on Vimeo.

Full AIPP results found here

Pilbara Project Prize Winners!

To celebrate the launch of the inaugural Pilbara Project exhibition 52 Weeks On FORM gave away two hardback copies of the limited edition publication The Pilbara Project: Field Notes and Photographs Collected over 2010, and two prints from the book by feature exhibition photographers Tony Hewitt and Christian Fletcher. Winners were drawn from new or renewed members during the 52 Weeks On exhibition.

Membership Print Winner #1
Andrew Auret, on behalf of ABN Group from Perth (Group Membership)
Congratulations on winning on Salt, Dampier by Christian Fletcher

Membership Print Winner #2
Rebecca Clarkson from Perth
Congratulations on winning ‘Tidal Creek’ Dampier by Tony Hewitt (Individual Membership)

Membership Book Winner #1
Steve Harris of West Perth (Individual Membership)

Membership Book Winner #2
Suzette Worden from Perth (Individual Membership)

Pilbara Project SLR Camera Winners

To celebrate the launch of the inaugural Pilbara Project exhibition 52 Weeks On, FORM and the Courthouse Gallery each gave away a digital SLR camera. Winners were drawn from postcards handed into each of the galleries.

FORM Gallery Pilbara Project Camera Winner
Sarah Hope from Perth

Courthouse Gallery Pilbara Project Camera Winner
Petra Kerr from Port Hedland

Pilbara Survey Winner
Amber Fletcher from Port Hedland
Congratulations on winning Industrial Lines 7 by Peter Eastway

A special thank-you to the Artists for their generosity with the Artwork.

Principle Partner:

True Pilbara Colours

Went to the FORM Gallery in Perth today to this amazing Exhibition. I just loved the geometry of all the photos, all lines and curves and true pilbara colours. The simplicity and design were so inspirational and I loved Michael Fletchers film, especially the time lapse shots at night.

I had to buy the book and was thrilled to see my name in print and my blog as the first story in the book.

Thank you, it made my day and I am very proud to have been apart of the Pilbara Project.


Maureen Allert

Pilbara Project Exhibition opening at FORM Gallery

On February 10, the Pilbara Project launched its first exhibition “52 Weeks On: A Pilbara Project Exhibition” at the newly renovated FORM Gallery in Perth.  The exhibition also opened the following night at the Courthouse Gallery in Port Hedland, details shown on the previous blog post here.

Tony speaking along with the rest of the artists

The exhibition features new photography and film by renowned artists Les Walkling, Tony Hewitt, Christian Fletcher, Michael Fletcher and Peter Eastway.  It is curated by William L. Fox, Director of the Art + Environment at the Nevada Museum of Art.  More details on the exhibition can be found here.

Squeezing in to see Michael's film launch

Les talking with filmmaker Curtis Taylor

Hon Troy Buswell MLA opening the exhibition

The book launch for “The Pilbara Project: Field Notes and Photographs Collected over 2010” was also a great success, with the artists on hand for signing.

Photographs by Michelle Taylor

Yiwarra Kuju: The Canning Stock Route

The Yiwarra Kuju: The Canning Stock Route exhibition launch at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra is less than two months away.  While cutting across much of WA, the part of the Canning Stock Route that crosses the East Pilbara plays an important part, particularly because of the great participation by the Martumili artists.

Below is a film that was made for the Canning Stock Route exhibition at the Beijing Olympics.  We will update newer content soon as we move towards the NMA exhibition.  Enjoy the great filmmaking by Nicole Ma.

Untitled (Beijing Olympic Expo) a Film by Nicole Ma from FORM on Vimeo.

Christian Fletcher Clip

The last and probably most widely known, in these parts anyway, Christian apart from being my twin brother is passionate about photography and being a leader in the craft that is creating a beautiful landscape image.

An inspiration to me and someone I can always rely on to capture the moment like no one else I have witnessed.

Christian has been involved with FORM for a number of years now and is responsible for getting this group of photographers together for such an amazing journey

You can check out his website at

Peter Eastway Clip

The consummate professional, Peter Eastway is no Grand Master of Photography for nothing. A great communicator like Les and Tony, Peter has an air of class associated with him. This certainly doesn’t get in the way of him having a good time and he certainly kept everyone entertained with his dry wit and sarcasm which I could never quite determine from a serious conversation.

I decided that every thing Peter said required a hint of skepticism to his real meaning.

Peter is the editor of a number of photographic magazines and has had the fortune to use almost every camera that has ever been released in recent times. His knowledge on the craft of photography is very thorough and is a great source of information to any photographer. Check him out at

Hope you enjoy his short promo

All shot on the Canon 5D mk2 using Canon Lenses.

Tony Hewitt Clip

Another one of the Fab Four photographers who were asked to participate in The Pilbara Project is Tony Hewitt

Tony is a triple master of photography and a motivational speaker who is in high demand for his beautifully crafted images not to mention his ability to speak at many different events such as “I took the time to look” exhibition which is central to the Pilbara Project we are all working on.

A great guy, very funny, genuine and a good listener. He makes you feel what you have to say is important and is amazing at developing in depth conversations on all areas of photography, art, and culture.

Tony has already produced some photographic masterpieces from this journey and an exhibition of all the photographers work will be shown in 2010.

We had a lot of fun on this project and Tony was pivotal in most of it. Laughter was the order of the day.

Cast of Characters (Belated Observations)

I wrote this a couple weeks ago, intending to post it, and just today realised that I neglected to do so.  As many of you know, a group of professional photographers and students traipsed through the Pilbara maniacally taking photos – some of which have been appearing on this blog the past couple weeks.

It has been very humbling traveling with the group of photographers including Peter Eastway, Les Walkling, Tony Hewitt, Christian Fletcher and filmmaker Michael Fletcher.  It allowed me to not only see through my own eyes, but also over the shoulder and through the viewfinder of these great imagemakers.  I am trying to decide if it is a comfort or discouragement that even they at times had difficulty capturing what lay before us in the Pilbara.

Christian Fletcher, the fearless leader, is well known to many in the Hedland community from his workshops and many trips to the area.  Knowing the area well, he brought together a superb group of photographers for this project.  While there was great camaraderie and banter between the artists, there was definitely friendly competition as well.  However, Christian was always there to make sure things didn’t become either too serious or silly.  Forever the teacher, he would talk his way through the photographing process, with the students hovering around picking up his knowledge.

Les Walkling, scientist and intellectual, saved his energy by avoiding frivolous banter.  But when he spoke, everyone listening dropped their jaw in either amazement or incomprehension.  A great teacher like Christian, he navigated the balance between technical prowess and conceptual thinking more than anyone else I have worked with, and was more than happy to share this knowledge. When he took a photo, he also became a photo, striking an epic figure in the landscape.

Tony Hewitt was the hardest for me to photograph.  Being primarily a portrait photographer, he would restlessly move in and out of the other people.  Unlike the landscape photographers who set up in a prime vantage point, he would look for the stories in the land as though he were taking a portrait.  A consummate mediator and generous of spirit, he always made sure the group was happy.  This is why he is one of the most sought-after photographers and public speakers in Western Australia.

Like Tony, Peter Eastway was also difficult for me to track.  He would immediately disappear when we reached a new location.  After a bit of searching, he could  be found in a prime location away from the others, discovering a sublime panorama or a gentle image of solitude in the vast horizon.  He  knew when he had a good picture, and didn’t waste his time if the light wasn’t perfect or the feeling wasn’t there.  These skills of discernment help make him one of Australia’s best photographers, as well as publisher of two of the most important Australian photography magazines.

Michael Fletcher, like most great filmmakers, studies how the scenery unfolds.  He can predict when something interesting is about to happen, and be at the perfect place to capture it.  Always watching, silently listening, he looks for the subtle moments or dramatic events that a single frame cannot interpret.  Working with manual focus, which is unique to many filmmakers, he is able to articulate the point between the vastness and intimacy of the landscape.

What reminded me I haven’t posted the above thoughts yet was that Mags from FORM just left for the Pilbara today with a new batch of professionals – two writers, a poet, a painter and another photographer.  I look forward to seeing and reading what they experience.  However, we will not forget the above mentioned photographers (and filmmaker), all of which promised to return to the Pilbara again soon.

Les Walkling Clip


One of the four photographers asked to participate in this project is Les Walkling. An incredibly nice guy who is passionate about photography in its purist, artistic form. A stickler for pushing quality in photography to the limit and an amazing communicator.

I have included what I thought was a typical Les response to my question. “Les, why aren’t you taking any photo’s” Only Les could of come up with such an intelligent reasoned response.

He was blown away by the Pilbara. It was his first trip to this region and it left an indelible impression on him.
See the clip here

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