Urban Artwork – Port Hedland

Never one to do things by halves, the Courthouse Gallery courtyard underwent a major transformation as two featured artists in Last Chance Studio’s When it Rains it Pours – Ryan Boserio and Timothy Rollin – created a large-scale mural along the blank wall space.
The unveiling of the installation coincided with the exhibition opening night and drew crowds to the vibrant new space which can now be utilised for events and workshops.
The idea for engaging urban artists to activate a thus-far unused area of our town stemmed from the Port Hedland Small Wins Group – a group of community members who initiate and facilitate community-owned projects aimed at creating a more exciting and liveable town.
Urban artwork has the capacity to transform whole areas of a city or town, revitalizing unused public and not-so-public spaces and engaging passersby. This in turn creates a fresh and vibrant essence of place.
Ryan and Tim visited Hedland and De Grey Station earlier this year to gather inspiration for their design which explores the natural and industrial landscapes and the people that react with them. Both artists have adapted their signature styles and techniques to the artwork; Tim drawing from a mash-up of counter culture and childhood nostalgia imagery to create surreal landscape scenes and Ryan working in a skewed mixture of realist and his trademark theme of planes.
If you haven’t stopped by the Gallery to take a look yet make sure you do – you can also catch a ‘making of’ film developed by Ryan and Tim which is currently playing in the Courthouse Gallery. This is a big ‘small win’ to celebrate.

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