Iron Clad

Where else would could you go and expect to find the winter Olympics on the TV, miners, construction workers, families, old timers, and a Scottish bar maid? If you guessed the Iron Clad Hotel in Marble Bar you would be right.

The Iron Clad, looks like it has seen many a year, and is frequented by all. The hamburgers were good and the drinks were cold, an important thing in the hottest town in Australia.

Burnt Trees and Red Dirt

Everything out here reminds you of the constant struggle for water and fertile soil, but to add to trials, there is the constant threat of fire.

This was on the return journey from marble, and panorama from 9 vertical images. The temperature only reached 44 according to the car yesterday, but changing the flat tyre was still no fun :)

The Pilbara Project Part II

Well following on from the outing on Sunday with Nicole, we have managed to put together the sequel to Michael’s teaser, while it may not be in the same league (yet) it was a bit of fun whilst out taking some stills.

The Pilbara Project Part II from Chris Fox on Vimeo.

The Pilbara Project Part II, not quite as good as Michael’s work, but you have to start somewhere

Any comments or pointers appreciated, this was the first movie attempt, with footage from Nic’s 5D and from my D5000, and put together with iMovie.

Stills to follow later :)

Pilbara Trucks

Night photography at Mitchell Truck Yard

Nic and I were out on a semi regular photo session back in November and captured this image at the Mitchell depot.

When we arrived we received some curious questions about what we were doing and wanted to do, but after that was all explained these guys were glad to have us around.

We meet a few people who really loved what they were doing, one such gent went by the name of “Petrol Pat”. They were more than accommodating in turning on the running lights of the trucks so that we could capture this image.

D3x 50mm f/1.8D

Now I had better get back to processing that video and stills from yesterday’s effort

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