Ahhhh The Serenity!

This photo was taken on one of the early morning shoots during our week with the Pros.  I was walking up Redbank Bridge when a train was heading out to the mine.  I love the calmness and beauty of the sunrise over the salt ponds and yet at the same time the speeding train wagons in the foreground don’t look out of place.

The Port of Big Ships

I know of nowhere else where you can watch the big ships go sliding past and only a few feet of water seperating you from them as they make the journey into the harbour …… Port Hedland is know as “The Port of Big Ships”

Real Work

So glad I am a photographer. This isn’t a landscape photograph, well it sort of is, it’s an industrial landscape.

One wonders why the people working in the mining industry get paid well, take a look at what there doing in 40+ degree temperatures, I would expect the same. Photography in 40+ heat doesn’t count as it is fun!!!

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