Iron Clad

Where else would could you go and expect to find the winter Olympics on the TV, miners, construction workers, families, old timers, and a Scottish bar maid? If you guessed the Iron Clad Hotel in Marble Bar you would be right.

The Iron Clad, looks like it has seen many a year, and is frequented by all. The hamburgers were good and the drinks were cold, an important thing in the hottest town in Australia.

Burnt Trees and Red Dirt

Everything out here reminds you of the constant struggle for water and fertile soil, but to add to trials, there is the constant threat of fire.

This was on the return journey from marble, and panorama from 9 vertical images. The temperature only reached 44 according to the car yesterday, but changing the flat tyre was still no fun :)

The Pilbara Project Teaser

The Pilbara Project from Michael Fletcher on Vimeo.

Well here it is. A post at last. In my defense editing video is a longer process than editing one still image at a time. Those stills guys, Tony, Les, Christian, and Peter have it easy.

It was a real honor to be involved with “The Pilbara Project” and many thanks go to FORM for giving me the opportunity to hang out with some amazing photographers and not just the professional ones. It was also great to see the graduates of the previous photographic courses enjoying the experience of shooting with the pros and not being intimidated by their experience.

This clip though short took a lot of time to produce and I am already seeing ways I could of done it better but it’s just a taste of what is to come. I have hours of footage and audio to sort through and hope to add to the project in future visits to the Pilbara with my new mates Les, Tony, Peter x2, Carolyn, Linda, Jane, Faye, Judith, Nicole, and Simon. Christian didn’t get a mention because he’s my brother not my mate (too long sharing the same room hehe!!) but I must say that he is instrumental in all of us being here and for that reason I think we all cant thank him enough.

Cheers for now guys……

Mike Fletcher

Chinaman’s Pool

When we visited Marble Bar last week I told the guys they have to see Chinaman’s Pool.  I described to them this beautiful water hole with green grass to the water’s edge.  I even mentioned the couple of resident horses who always turn up when you go there.  (They even chewed on our car mirror one time). 

Imagine my shock and horror when we arrived at the pool to find it all but empty.  The green grass was now dust and there was not a horse in sight!  I said to Peter & Judith, “these guys are never going to believe anything I tell them now”. 

So I had to post this photo to prove I really did see what I said I saw haha.  It was taken in 2007 and you can even see the horse in the centre of the photo towards the back.  Thanks for being so great about it everyone :)

Hot Damned Hot!!

The name says it all! We stopped at this scene about 80kms inland from Marble Bar. I took this handheld stitch pretty quickly as at the time I thought I was going to drop dead from Cyanide poisoning. If you get a good dose of that stuff you would be dead in a matter of minutes. I wish I had thought a bit more about entering a mine site without checking it was ok, never again, I can’t handle the stress!! Oh and the heat…. note to self, next assignment to be in a less extreme location!! Poor Pete went from Antarctica to the hottest place in WA.

Shot with the amazing Nikon D3x and 24-70mm lens, love it!

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