Tabba Rocks

We went for a lovely sunset drive along the access road from Port Hedland and came across these beautiful rock formations.

6 Mile Sunset

We had a work collegue from Perth spend some time in Hedland recently. He is a keen photographer too, so we decided to take our cameras out and about late one afternoon. I managed to capture this shot while we explored 6 Mile.

Hedland sunset

Thought I’d head out and get a shot of the sunset from the foreshore of Port Hedland.  Wasn’t too bad a scene but the following evening, the sunset was a lot more spectacular, but of course I didn’t have my camera to capture that one!  Dont you hate that!

Dampier Salt

Here’s another couple of shots taken from the early morning shoot at Dampier Salt on Day 2 of the photography trip. Not exactly sure what Peter Eastway is up to, but Christian appears amused.

Tour of the Port

Day 1 of the photography trip with Christian and Michael Fletcher, Peter Eastway, Tony Hewitt and Les Walkling kicked off late in the arvo and involved a sunset boat cruise around Port Hedland harbour.  In the fading light, shooting conditions became pretty tough as the ISO’s were bumped right up and shutter speeds became slower, making sharp images hard to capture.

Black & White Yumminess

Sorry about the title but its late and my brain is fried. Sort of like standing out in the midday Pilbara sun shooting bits of tin in a dusty, dry paddock on the road to nowhere. Sometime B&W looks perfect. Midday is a great time to be shooting with black and white in mind. That is my tip of the day.

The Pilbara Project Teaser

The Pilbara Project from Michael Fletcher on Vimeo.

Well here it is. A post at last. In my defense editing video is a longer process than editing one still image at a time. Those stills guys, Tony, Les, Christian, and Peter have it easy.

It was a real honor to be involved with “The Pilbara Project” and many thanks go to FORM for giving me the opportunity to hang out with some amazing photographers and not just the professional ones. It was also great to see the graduates of the previous photographic courses enjoying the experience of shooting with the pros and not being intimidated by their experience.

This clip though short took a lot of time to produce and I am already seeing ways I could of done it better but it’s just a taste of what is to come. I have hours of footage and audio to sort through and hope to add to the project in future visits to the Pilbara with my new mates Les, Tony, Peter x2, Carolyn, Linda, Jane, Faye, Judith, Nicole, and Simon. Christian didn’t get a mention because he’s my brother not my mate (too long sharing the same room hehe!!) but I must say that he is instrumental in all of us being here and for that reason I think we all cant thank him enough.

Cheers for now guys……

Mike Fletcher


*I sat down and wrote this one for my blog as well*

Remember there are many ways to tell a story, even one story can have many takes. Well, this story along with its vastness will always going to be enchanting, exciting and above all unique.

When invited to be part of the Pilbara Project late last year, I was ecstatic to even be selected amidst lots of enthusiastic photographers and I am so honoured to be chosen. Like any other person who first arrived in this town, the thought of spending days in the heat and dust wasn’t very appealing, I soon got distracted after buying my first SLR camera months after we arrived. The view through my lens was much more intriguing and exciting than the heat and red dust. And that was nearly 7 years ago.

Last week was a blast, as the photographers arrived to start The Pilbara Project. It was exciting seeing the town again from fresh new eyes; Eyes that have been honed for decades to see beauty, colour and light. We started with a tour of the town and just minutes after we took off driving around town, I could already sense the excitement the town is bringing to the group. A drive to a very familiar street took new meaning as I study the light that is hitting the buildings and structures. The camera started clicking non-stop until the harbour cruise at sunset.

An early morning shoot kicks off on Monday and a drive to Roebourne took on a new twist as we stop to every photographic location possible, thanks to the pros. Tuesday seen us taking the BHP tour, who is a major sponsor of this project, thanks to their generosity, this project is possible. The next two days were spent driving to and from Marble Bar and experiencing the coming of the thunderstorm first hand (well, more like right there happening in front of me). Thursday also was the opening night of the “I took the time to look” exhibiting photos from last year P.H.otography workshop as well as “From Somewhere Else” painting exhibition from local artists. It was a great night showing all the very talented people in Hedland. We finished off on Friday with a tour of the Port Authority and Dampier Salt as well as a night with the photographers.

It was a week that is truly an experience to be treasured. You remember the time when something happens to you and you know that it will forever stay and be a part of you. I felt that way, I knew my experience last week will shape the kind of photographer I will become in the future. I have learned heaps from each of the photographers and I will always be indebted to them for freely sharing their knowledge to me.

Pilbara Panorama

On the way to Karratha we made several stops to take in the local scenery.  This was taken about 10kms from Whim Creek and involved 11 images taken hand held then stitched in PTGui.

Dampier Salt Sunrise

Righto, well here goes. My first ever ‘blog’!
Well, after a very hectic week chasing the pros all over the Pilbara country side, I’m actually glad to be back at work! Go figure!?
What an awesome time was had by all!  We had access to some really cool places that the average Joe Blow never gets to see.
The pros were fantastic, always willing to offer advice and discuss what they were doing and how they saw a particular scene. They must have been getting annoyed with us by the end of the week but they certainly didn’t show it. So here’s a big THANKYOU to Christian, Michael, Tony, Peter and Les. You guys rock!
Another big THANKS has to go to Carolyn for organising the trip and keeping everyone (well trying!) on schedule.
‘Cheers’ to Peter Z for keeping us safe while driving around…..but perhaps that may have been something to do with all the prayers the rest of us were saying whenever he was at the wheel!? ;-)
To my fellow ‘students’, Nicole, Faye and Judith, it was a real pleasure to share this experience with you all!  I’m looking forward to catching up again in the near future to talk photos, cameras etc etc! Can’t wait to see your photos from last week! These girls are gonna give the pros a real run for their money as they are all very talented!
Well enough of the back slapping!  Here’s a couple of photos from the early morning shoot at Dampier Salt.

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