6 Mile Sunset

We had a work collegue from Perth spend some time in Hedland recently. He is a keen photographer too, so we decided to take our cameras out and about late one afternoon. I managed to capture this shot while we explored 6 Mile.

Hedland sunset

Thought I’d head out and get a shot of the sunset from the foreshore of Port Hedland.  Wasn’t too bad a scene but the following evening, the sunset was a lot more spectacular, but of course I didn’t have my camera to capture that one!  Dont you hate that!

Dampier Salt

Here’s another couple of shots taken from the early morning shoot at Dampier Salt on Day 2 of the photography trip. Not exactly sure what Peter Eastway is up to, but Christian appears amused.

Tour of the Port

Day 1 of the photography trip with Christian and Michael Fletcher, Peter Eastway, Tony Hewitt and Les Walkling kicked off late in the arvo and involved a sunset boat cruise around Port Hedland harbour.  In the fading light, shooting conditions became pretty tough as the ISO’s were bumped right up and shutter speeds became slower, making sharp images hard to capture.

Pilbara Panorama

On the way to Karratha we made several stops to take in the local scenery.  This was taken about 10kms from Whim Creek and involved 11 images taken hand held then stitched in PTGui.

Our Pilbara Experience in Pictures

http://www.vimeo.com/9422196 Go to this link to view my slideshow of images from our recent trip to the Pilbara.

The Pilbara Project from Christian Fletcher on Vimeo.

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