Home in the Pilbara

I called Cooke Point, Port Hedland home for almost four years. These would be among the most memorable and rewarding of my 31 years.

It’s not until you experience Pilbara life do you learn how to live. Life is simple and friendships are forever. It could possibly be said for any small Australian country town, but it’s the people that make a place. During my time in Public Affairs at BHP Billiton Iron Ore I was fortunate enough to meet some amazing people who have helped shape Port Hedland’s character.

One month after leaving Port Hedland I arrived in London. It takes me 1 hour to travel from my home in central London to my office in central London. My office tower has one third of Port Hedland’s population spread across 31 floors. The Olympic Park project I’m working on has over 10,000 construction workers within a 2.5 hectare space. This city of 8 million people is vastly different. In some ways it feels like survival of the fittest.

Many people thought I was crazy as a single 25 year old women moving to Port Hedland back in 2003. But the Brits always ask why I live in London as Australia has so much more to offer. I return home in June this year to regain my appreciation for everything that is great about home. I also look forward to retracing my footsteps back to the Pilbara.

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