Ahhhh The Serenity!

This photo was taken on one of the early morning shoots during our week with the Pros.  I was walking up Redbank Bridge when a train was heading out to the mine.  I love the calmness and beauty of the sunrise over the salt ponds and yet at the same time the speeding train wagons in the foreground don’t look out of place.

Dampier Salt

Here’s another couple of shots taken from the early morning shoot at Dampier Salt on Day 2 of the photography trip. Not exactly sure what Peter Eastway is up to, but Christian appears amused.

Colour Assault

After all these years living in Hedland and looking at the salt from the outside it was very exciting to finally see it from the inside! The layers of colour were brilliant, very surreal, it felt like we were on another planet.

Colour Assault

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