Oh, What a Night!

This entry is a bit late in coming but the girls at the Gallery still can’t get over what a wonderful success the Before the Town Got Big opening night was.

As the exhibition continues, everyone who peruses it raves about the unique and beautiful artwork and the fact that the pieces are selling at warp speed!

Prior to the exhibition, the Spinifex Hill Artists worked daily for months honing their artistic talents. This exhibition tells the stories of the artists’ lives and experiences growing up in Port Hedland and the Pilbara before it became the mining hub it is now known for.

Before the Town Got Big will be displayed at the Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery until December 24th, but that doesn’t mean your favourite painting will be available to purchase for that long! Stop into the Gallery and bring home a piece of Before the Town Got Big before someone else scoops it up!

Photos courtesy of Faye Harris.

Before The Town Got Big Exhibition

I once again enjoyed an evening at the Court House Gallery surrounded by amazingly talented local artists.  The ‘buzz’ on the night was electric!

The volume of work for this exhibition is outstanding and the stories behind each piece captures the imagination and showcases our community’s history through the Artist’s eyes.

Above:  Anne Sibosado

Below:  Max GeorgeThe artists were only to happy to pose with their Art.

Below:  Maggie Green

The photo below depicts the Artist’s enthusiasm and willingness to share their stories with everyone.  Here Maggie Green describes the piece for the new owner. 

Thank you to all who made this evening possible and to the Artists for sharing so much of themselves.

Visual Art Workshops at the Courthouse Gallery

Artist and workshop guru Catherine Peattie and I spent the past weekend up in the Hedland area, working with the Spinifex Hill Artists in South Hedland, as well as teaching oils and acrylics at the Courthouse Gallery in Port Hedland.

The participants were great and very eager to experiment and try new things.  Catherine and I can’t wait to see where everyone’s work heads.  Please post your work up on the Blog when you finish it!

Catherine Peattie with the Spinifex Hill Artists

Catherine Peattie and workshop participants at the Courthouse Gallery

Visual Art Workshop at the Courthouse Gallery

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